Welcome to kill iconic.

I started this endeavor because I was inspired to see how closely-knit this community of music lovers is. To even be a part of it, I feel incredibly grateful. So I got together with some of my best friends, pitched them the idea, and we jumped right in. I wanted to provide a forum for all activities within this community, and more. Major publications have their own preferences of news to cover, and thats great. But there is so much also happening outside of that, so much thriving outside of that, and let’s let kill iconic be the place where we can gather it together, and present it collectively. 

It is important to note that this magazine is a seasonal magazine. Subscriptions are the only way you can get hand numbered issues, and they are limited. When you subscribe, you will automatically be charged just $18 at the release of every issue. This will only happen 4 times a year. 
This doesn’t exist without the support from the ever growing fan base, so with that in mind, I look forward to growing with you. 

-Donovan and the kill iconic music magazine team