Welcome to kill iconic.
At the intersection of rebellion and resonance, kill iconic emerges as more than a brand—it's a culture, a community, an embodiment of the relentless spirit that fuels the post-hardcore music scene. Founded in 2020 by Donovan Melero, a luminary in the post-hardcore rock scene, kill iconic began as a one-of-its-kind music magazine and has evolved into a powerhouse, encompassing a record label, a dynamic ticketing platform for electrifying concerts, and a cutting-edge clothing line.
kill iconic is more than a label; it's a canvas where music and art coalesce, giving birth to a movement that transcends boundaries and challenges the status quo. What started as a magazine has grown into a collective, nurtured by a crew of the best minds and hearts in the industry. Donovan's vision is amplified by a collaborative force; where passion meets creativity, and innovation intertwines with the timeless foundations of music.
This isn't just a brand; it's a celebration of individuality, a symphony of rebellion, and a homage to the raw, unapologetic energy that defines post-hardcore. As we continue to ride the waves of progressive sonic exploration, guided by Donovan's fearless spirit and fueled by the relentless dedication of our community, we are excited to witness the infinite bounds at which kill iconic will continue to expand.
Join us in this journey; become a part of the kill iconic culture. Together, we'll amplify the heartbeat of progressive music, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of music and art.