When you subscribe to kill iconic Music Magazine, you guarantee yourself an issue for every drop. Subscriptions are limited, but with a subscription you pay a cheaper rate for the magazine, your issue comes hand-numbered, and you can receive additional perks for future drops, like flexi discs, stickers, discount codes and more. Every 3 months, you automatically pay $18 with the info we have for you on file. Then you receive your magazine, and any additional items, in the mail.

Single issues are available for when subscriptions sell out, or if you want to buy just one particular issue or additional copies. These are not hand-numbered, but they are still limited to the amount we have onhand.

If subscriptions sell out for a particular issue, then only individual magazines will be for sale. However, more subscriptions could open up at any time, or with any new drop. Sign up for the mailing list to be one of the first to know when more become available.

To manage your subscription you’ll need a Shopify account. If you don't currently have one, create one with the same email address you used when purchasing a subscription at Once you are logged in, click your icon at the top right of the page and select “subscriptions”. You can go in and change payment, address, or anything that you need done.


Email with the subject titled “Missing Magazine” and we will address you as soon as possible!

Email with subject “Change of Address”, and we will get you sorted!

Email to tell us your issue!

All subscriptions are shipped with USPS as First Class mail. Some items you will have the option between First Class and Priority. These are mostly the same speed, so we recommend you go with the cheaper option.